Even freedom comes @

Even freedom comes @

Have you noticed how you fail to enjoy things that come free? Be it  free of cost or effort. Anything availed free will haunt you for the rest of your life in some way.

Avail anything price-free and watch unpleasant thing/s following or a hidden sting piercing through you at a time in the future, when you would have long-forgotten what you even availed of.

Consider these..
Groceries – The fewer the currency notes you exchange the quicker the vegetables/fruits rot in your fridge.

Apparel – Not brands – the everyday middle-class stuff if picked up for their rates rather than fabric, then you see their colour run or hem torn even before you’ve quenched your desire to flaunt in them.

More seriously…
Jobs – If you are offered a salary more than what you actually deserve, then surely you’ll get to see less of your family or worse still be made a scapegoat for your superior’s mistakes.

Favours – If you seek of someone, rest assured you will have to compromise at the most demanding of personal times.

Most profound…
Education – If you avail of free school education (consider the government-run institutes in the SubContinent), then you’ll be free the rest of your adult life!

Worse still…
Degrees/certificate – If you were to get degrees or certificates free of the effort required, then rest assured you will be accountable for others’ lives. Consider the fake pilot licences, fake surgeons and teachers’ cases battled out in the corridors of power in India alone.

More examples later…

Thankfully, poultry owners and farmers do not require certificates to get about their businesses.

Brains come free in our package. Let’s use it to our whims and not trade it with @. Lest we become ‘dom’ and free – a lethal combination!

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