Do you know why Law of Attraction is NOT working for you?

Do you know why Law of Attraction is NOT working for you?

Manifestation Mistake #1 You do not pay attention to your energy.

Mastering your energy is the foundation to creating the life you so desire.

You have all heard of the book ‘SECRET’, I presume. Everyone vouches by the book. But why can’t everyone manifest everything they want? Isn’t it a thought worth pondering?

Now, here’s the thing…

You need to up your vibrations so high so as to match with the frequency of the Universe, if you want it to conspire [borrowing from Paulo Coelho] and make things happen for you.

What is high vibration? Love, Joy, Happiness… In fact anything upwards of hope is okay to begin with.

But most of us wallow in a space of fear, insecurity, doubt…

It is useless to meditate and visualize and affirm for 30 minutes a day and then for the rest of the 23.5 hours wallowing in low-vibratory space.

So, how do we do correct this?

By making harmonic decisions every moment. Each decision you make is your choice to vibrate high. We are manifesting every second of the day. Not just when we visualize and put up vision boards.

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About Nisha Sanjeev

Nisha is a Transformation Strategist specializing in Practical Spirituality. She is an author, speaker and healer on a mission to help women stand in their power, gain the credibility they deserve to have a fulfilling career as professionals and homemakers and creating the life they desire.

She brings her real world experience of being a Journalist for over 20 years and her learnings from Spiritual Masters to her signature courses.

She is the author of 2 books. First book ‘Anamica’ details how an Indian girl goes into the verge of depression by sacrificing her self-worth and desires to live for others.
‘Step Out ‘n’ Step It Up’details how one can tap into their Inner Power to create the life they so desire.
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