March 13, 2013
Scene 1: A Character in office packs to leave early, because he has an evening flight to take.

Scene 2: A Character in office prepares to leave early, because he has an evening flight to take.

Can you identify the characters?
If you have got the answers, you may please get about your work.
If you have not, then carry on reading to find out how to add flesh and bones to give faces, torso, limbs, toenails [please leave the soul aside] to these characters.
First step is to spot the difference in the two sentences. The word ‘packs’ is replaced with ‘prepares’.
Yep. Character in Scene 1 invariably only packs up. Right from the moment he occupies his chair all he does is pack.
If there is an interesting cricket or soccer match, he packs up within an hour of making his presence felt.
If he has a parent-teacher meeting at his child’s school, he packs up immediately after breakfast.
If he has a board meeting, he packs up two days before with files and projects…
PREPARED by others.

Now if the others fail to prepare, will he miss his board meeting? Probably yes. But he still does his job of packing up. He simply packs the OTHERS up.

Got the characters? Please feel free to replace the He with She.

Just in case you are curious to know what inspired me to write this. Well, it’s a real-life situation. I will not name the boss or the employee. The employee submits his request for annual leave thrice in six months. The Boss finds excuses ‘valid’ enough to have him postpone each time. Finally, when his leave is granted, he books a flight on his last working day so as to avail the maximum hours at his destination.
That morning: As the employee is all excited chatting up his colleague, he receives an email.
Pls look into the attached files.  Also ensure the admin department’s issue is closed today.
And, yeah inform the team that I’ll be back next week. I’m off for a much-needed break.
Have a safe trip.
Nisha Sanjeev

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