Beware of how you publish… Book publishing is not shoe manufacturing

Beware of how you publish… Book publishing is not shoe manufacturing

Have you wondered why…

For some books are accessories, for others they are lifelines

For some books are information, for others they are entertainment

For some books are bitter pills they swallow, for others they are sweetmeats

For some books are nostalgic trips, for others they are lighthouses of wisdom


Words are energy!

As are we.

When we are attracted to a particular book, it’s our soul guiding us towards something that we need during that phase for our evolution.

We know subconsciously what we need. But then our minds take over. Analyzing, comparing and contrasting. So we either do not buy it or we buy and set them aside.

Have you ever wondered why we get a new perspective from a particular book every time we re-read it. The fact that we go back to a book is our subconscious guiding us to get the info that we need.

The depth of our understanding of words is directly proportional to our level of awareness. The more we awake, the more we see the same words in different perspectives.


It’s the intention of the author when going through the process of writing that particular book.

This is IMMENSE! Intention of the writer is PARAMOUNT!

Especially today, with self-publishing and vanity publishing taking over, becoming an author and publishing a book has never been easier and quicker.

With over 600,000 books being published each year, how many do you come across, and of them how many books impact you?

Today the process has become so easy that you need not write a single word and still have a book in your name!!

Unless the ‘author’ shares his/her intention with the writer/s & editor/s the book when published will fail to make the desired impact on readers.

And that’s difficult a call because most vanity and self-publishing houses work like factories manufacturing shoes. It’s mechanical a process. For transcribers who translate your ideas and editors who edit your words, it’s just another ‘job’ for them.

You share your idea, share the word count you need, choose the book size, number of pages, choose grammage of paper, choose colours and fonts…. Make the payment…and Lo! you become an author!!!

If you wish to inspire readers, make that extra effort to infuse the power of intention into your work – no matter how you choose to publish.

Otherwise you are simply adding to the confusion to the world!

Words are energy. Readers absorb that! So ensure it comes from the purest space of love within you!

Here’s another thing…

Not everyone of us can take to the streets to change the world. But each one of us can contribute to changing our world to be a better place for ourselves and our future generations by taking care of the energy that we put out into the world – through our intention and words.

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