Are you a self-made person?

Are you a self-made person?

Are you a self-made individual? Do you believe you are one?

Each one of us is ‘self-made’ as much as we are NOT. The phrase, originally coined in the mid-19th century in the US following Benjamin Franklin’s Biography, has in the current times become a cause of unpleasant situations and exchanges.

The socially-accepted description of a ‘self-made individual’ is one who makes it in life without the aid of favouring circumstances – be in in terms of birth, wealth inherited, education, relationships, etc.

Now, in here in lies the catch.

Firstly, to come into this physical paradigm we need the help of two individuals called parents, even though the decision to take birth may be a ‘self-made’ decision [a soul’s decision in the other realm].

Secondly, once we are here, even if we are in the most unfavouring of circumstances, without a close family, relationships or education to say the least, wasn’t there some person/s who fed us, who gave us a shelter, who lend us those first pennies, who trusted us enough to become our first client… before we could make it big, be so-called successful.

So, how can anyone call themselves Self-Made?

NO individual on this planet has become successful ALL BY THEMSELVES!

So, why do people call themselves Self-Made?

Because, they have expectations. People who expected their society/relations to understand them and did not receive that understanding. Or people who expected their family/parents to educate them/lend them help to build their dreams and did not receive that. Or people who had to pawn their lives and youth and dreams to fulfil responsibilities/liabilities and feel cheated/deprived… are often more prone to using the phrase ‘Self-Made’.

In the larger Universal order, everything and every moment is perfect and plays out as per one’s prior decision in the other realm. In other words, whatever we go through in this paradigm is scripted by us. So expectations play the killjoy! Expectations become a pain. Expectations make us irrelevant.

Expectations is what makes us say, we are ‘Self-Made’. The belief in this fallacy hinges on arrogance. And arrogance is attitude gone sour!

So…Are you Self-Made?


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