And the Liebster Award goes to…

And the Liebster Award goes to…

Roshan for tagging me & Elly for nominating me. Ha, ha, ha….

Thank You friends!!!!

This is the first time, I’ve taken up such a challenge. It is fun and thought-provoking, too. I’m glad I decided to join The Tribers…my days are more enriching now.

So here Roshan, I take the 11 challenges you threw my way…

1.What was the best moment of your life till date?
Ans: Those minutes when my mom wept in joy and my husband stood awed seeing our baby girl in the delivery room.

2. If not ‘your present job’, what would you see yourself doing in life?
Ans. An inspirational speaker

3. Who was your first celebrity crush?
Ans: Rahman in Malayalam and Big B in Bollywood [same time]

4.  The best friend you have made in the blogosphere?
Ans: Forgive me Roshan. I can’t name one… Corraine; Shailaja, Elly, Judy

5.  I’m giving you a million dollars. How are you going to spend it?
Ans: I would keep aside some for my daughter’s education; give some to my brother and brother-in-law; and spent the rest towards means to empower women.

6. Your best feature?
Ans: My smile

7. Show us a photo you possess on your computer/mobile that you just love?

8. Two books you would recommend to everyone?
Ans. It’s difficult. There are so many. The ones that come to mind immediately: William Dalrymple’s Nine Lives & Gregory David Robert’s Shantaram

9. Favourite food dishes?
Ans:  Masala Dosa [as breakfast; lunch, dinner, supper, snack and anytime in between]

10. A celebrity you feel is highly underrated and deserves more credit (and why)?
Ans: Irrfan Khan simply because he’s such a fabulous actor. The depth is portrays cannot be contained in words.

11. Share some insightful advice you have learned NOT FROM BOOKS but from the crazy journey of life.
Ans:  Whenever situations or people disturb you, taking your mind hostage and paralysing your life… Don’t try to push the thoughts away, stay in the feeling for a couple of days. Then sit alone and write down [NO KEYING IN; USE PAPER AND PEN AND WRITE LONG-HAND] your priorities in life. If your concern doesn’t figure on the first two slots, chuck them and move ahead. And if they do, face them head on. Don’t waste another second brooding.

So here goes my 11 questions:

1. How would you define yourself in two words?
2. Who is your  greatest inspiration in life?
3. Do you believe marriage changes women’s priorities in life? And why?
4. What would you think of a man who cooks and does the dishes at home?
5. Do you think every individual ought to have a political viewpoint?
6. What’s your favourite one-liner?
7. The world is a ________ [fill in the blank]
8. Two things you hate about yourself?
9. Two best compliments you’ve received?
10. Your most embarrassing moment is______ [fill in the blank]
11. Please give one advice to bloggers.

Happy answering ladies!

For the award I tag… Nibha; Cynthia; Suzy; Shilpa; Rajalakshmi; Nabanita; Shailaja; Monica; Michelle; Carol; Inderpreet;      

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