Anamica – the secret of her awareness

Anamica – the secret of her awareness

Anamica is born into a traditional lower middle-class Indian home. Educated in the best institutions and brought up by loving parents she becomes a successful professional. Marrying the man who pampers her they have a lovely child.

But Anamica is still unhappy. At first she ignores her feelings and continues with her life. When it stays on to haunt her, she sits up and makes an effort to seek the reason for her unhappiness – only in vain.  Her friend sincerely guides her but his advice she vehemently discards and his opinion she ruthlessly criticizes.

Anamica eventually becomes a wreck, ignoring her family, paying no attention to her health and is completely distraught. Finally, her friend takes charge. He takes the bull by the proverbial horn – an lo! Anamica’s inner turmoil erupts like a molten volcano. In the hot, molten stream of tears she sees the elusive piece of her life pleading for attention.

What was it she ignored that had caused her so much pain? And who was this friend who chose to wake her up from the conscious slumber? Anamica’s journey could be your life story!

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