An elderly who wants to work on holidays too

An elderly who wants to work on holidays too

When you love what you do, then it’s no more a job; you are on perpetual vacation. If this uplifting statement is true then I haven’t seen – in the real or virtual world – anyone in the recent past who loves his/her job.
People were eagerly waiting for a couple of public holidays for Eid Al Fitr and lo! it fell on July 17 – a Friday, that’s the default weekly day off in the Middle East.
On July 16, we had guests over for dinner. The young professionals in their denims and shorts was restless as the sun set. They sat iPhones in hand, nursing nervous energy. Hoping. Not wanting to see the breaking news of the Crescent spotted. “I wanted to catch up on my sleep…,” said the girl gulping down her drink. “This is so unfair,” echoed another lighting his stick.
I wished at least five friends ‘Eid Mubarak!’ and this is how most conversation began…”Ah. Same to you. So one holiday gone…; It just doesn’t feel like a holiday…” Sigh!
Invariably all of them also cribbed about returning to the normal 8-hour work days. But for an acquaintance, who woke us up on Eid morning, to check if we are available.
The short-built man walked-in, shirt clinging to his perspiring chest as did the baggy trousers to his wiry legs. The 55-year-old plonked on the sofa, straightened his back and pulled a handkerchief from his trouser pocket and wiped his face, neck, patted his bald head. He drank a glass of warm water [“I have throat irritation…”] and began. Whining. “How unfortunate…this is such a loss… I get double-over-time on Fridays… the calculation will go wrong…supervisor had told that he’ll mark me for duty today…but the entire company is closed…tomorrow only one shift…work is plenty, why can’t they let us work?!”
Does he love his job so much or are adages not applicable for the semi-skilled and unskilled class?
“When you go home, can you fetch my medicine…It’s paining a lot now…I can’t stand for more than an hour… because supervisor is my roommate…I sit down every two hours… it’s difficult.. my specs power is changing… can’t do now…September only…” thus he continued his monologue.
He’s a fabricator. Was a fabricator. Has always been one for the last 30+years. And will continue being one until the company decides otherwise for him.
In the name of earning a living, providing for the family, meeting liabilities one ages and falls ill and not learn anything new or sharpen their acquired skill or take risks to see new lawns.

“At this age…” another acquaintance trailed off, when I asked as to why he hadn’t thought of looking for a better job earlier. A shop-assistant for the last 25 years, he’s now under tremendous pressure as the shop’s closing and in his words “I’ve got a family to feed”.

Is it only food that children need? I held myself from asking. 

Adages for the un/semi-skilled are, indeed, different 

Who’s to blame? Situations, family, time, fate, destiny. Why are some people so complacent in their prime and crib into their old age?

Change, for your own sake. Make an attempt to do something that’ll make your life a little better. If you fail, at least you’ve put your best efforts. The best you would accomplish is some respect for yourself. Until you respect yourself how on earth can you expect any one else to respect you! And if you fail in your trials, there are only two possibilities: Either you start valuing your current position and give it all your best and thus invariably progress. Or you’ll never stop trying for newer pastures until you find your feet on newer lawns.

But NO! Trying something fresh, learning something new is wasting money. Wasting time. “At least now, I’m sure I’m getting this much, What if…?” It’s only when the water drowns their nose that they act. And act they will. Burrow deep into their own shit and blame long-dead parents, family, situations, even economy and government – but not themselves.

Have you noticed these are the types that give sermons on social correctness? In reality they are wriggling to hide their lack – their lack of faith in themselves, their lack of courage to dream of a better life. They work clock-like…at a certain age no matter how dependent or independent they are, they will seek a partner. And bring forth more life on earth.

Those who cannot live a ‘decent’ life – as in live a life without complaining – have no moral right to produce kids. If you do not have the nerve and spine to provide for your family, please for Pete’s sake do not commit. And if you do, you bloody well provide for your kids and not just “feed them” and turn them into your prototype. Amoebas do that.

This goes for women, too. If you do not have the nerve and spine to stand on your own two feet do not pile yourself on a man and expect him to take care of you.

I hate people, especially those with grown-up kids, who complain about their long-serving jobs. The height and weight your kids have put on are the number of years you’ve wasted heating your asses. 

Don’t pity those who complain about long-serving jobs

Yes, there are exceptions and situations beyond one’s control. But those who choose to be stuck in a job for decades without progress and continue complaining without ever once making an effort to change their condition, deserve no pity or sympathy.

As for loving one’s job… I believe everyone needs a break. No matter how much they love their job.

I do not subscribe to life coaches who say breathe in and breathe out your passion; eat, drink and snore your dream. If you are a family person – if you have a spouse and kids – then you ought to take breaks. Breaks from your passion, too. Else, you should have chosen to be married to your passion. If you skipped making that choice earlier in life, then you are being irresponsible to the souls you brought forth to this earth.

Well, I’m looking forward to the next holiday. But definitely not living for it.

To all frustrated dream chasers… here’s my experience!

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