A tough conversation and tougher solution

September 6, 2011
True ‘passion chasers’ cannot be bothered about conventional jobs or kids or loans. They just go for it!
What percentage of truth does this sentence entail? All those who earn a living by working their passion vouch for it.
All we lowly mortals who can’t take our minds off future insecurity and at the same time yearn to fulfill our heart’s desire once we complete our self-assigned tasks, must read the below conversation.
Here goes…
To begin with are you clear of your passion?
Next, have you chartered a plan to realise it…Time, resources, support, knowledge, training and the kind. 
Done. Time glares out from the roster. A dilemma. Big one to crack.
Passion and dilemmas do not go hand-in-hand.
What about the 9-5 work?
Well, quit the damn job.
What about mortgages and lifestyle continuity for kids? 
Well, then gradually phase out the day job.
Sensible enough.
Then what if the passion does not attract equivalent cash returns?
Hold on that day job until such a time.
And what if such a time doesn’t come and the stress tears the family fabric?
Then what you call passion is not exactly a passion with you.
Clarity is not a question.
Then you have no spine to face troubles enroute.
Backbone and resolve are great. But cannot see loved ones suffer?
What comes first: family or passion?
Then shut your thoughts and slog it out. Hardwork will bear fruits. No quick-fixes; neither in virtual nor practical world.
How long will it take?
Until you’ve mastered your talent.
But we are talking of passion?
Talent sharpened is passion. When you passionately work on your talent over years imbibing all the varied experiences is when you realise the so-called passion.
But some people live their passion early in life.
They are the ones who followed their heart at the first given opportunity. They are the ones who never compromised their hearts desire in the name of commitments and social obligations.
Doing these is not a crime. We are just being morally and ethically correct and fulfilling our duties to the varied souls that helped us in our survival in this world.
So be it. If you are so clear about your actions why crib about passion fulfillment being delayed?
Just that desperation is slowly turning into depression.
Then the time is ripe to take action. Period. If possible devote all energy and time to sharpen your talent. Else keep aside (strictly) mandatory hours and energy each day to listen to the call within.
Will it work?
Self-doubts and fear are not hallmarks of a passion chaser. Definitely not for beginners. Sit up and face it! From the moment you decide on it, believe me, your legacy has begun to be written!
Go for it!
Nisha Sanjeev

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