A mother’s B’day!

A mother’s B’day!

One of my friends’ Facebook announcement made me postpone my lunch today.
“…is celebrating a decade of motherhood…my son turns 10 today…”

The post caught my attention, it stirred something within…but could not define
what exactly. No, not because my little one (that’s how I love calling my girl)
would get into the doubles soon.

It is strange that time flies…we all have used this line so very often that we
forget its significance. Can’t imagine kids around growing up faster than you
would probably want them to. But it was not that. ‘Cos of late have been
interacting with moms of teenagers (let’s call them teen mamas, sounds better).

But it is more to do with the selection of words, the order in which they are
beaded together and the tone. Yes, even written language does have a tone. But
it does depend on the readers’ frame of mind, too.

Men, most of them, would read the sentence with punctuations introduced
variantly. Motherhood would definitely be the opening word and decade stressed
upon. ‘MOTHERhood!, clocks one whole decade!’ Did I hear a sigh, too? Unless, of
course, they’re inquisitive enough to check the photo gallery, with a ‘chalo,
dekh lete hai approach!’

Young mothers would definitely congratulate. Whole-heartedly. Some may feel a
tad sad thinking of the digits adding on their scale, nevertheless, they would
love her spirit. They would see only two words in that announcement – motherhood
and celebration.

Sober older mothers would bless the duo, active old mom’s would jump in with
cheeky liners of making it seem all fun and the so-called I-know-it-all old
timers (if they are on FB, that is) would give her a piece of advice on bringing
up the boy and to stop frolicking around for he is stepping into the danger

But mothers-to-be, the younger, I-wanna-enjoy-life-before-I-get into…girls
would scream out ‘congrats’; ‘OMG exclamtions! coupled with beautiful adjectives
more on mom’s beauty than the son’s looks and something else on the page would
catch their attention even before they could finish with their so-called
enthusiastic replies.

Am checking the comments to the post tomorrow. Just curious to know if I know my

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