A life-changing week… In gratitude!

A life-changing week… In gratitude!

So I thought, what better way to end a week – one that has been life changing at that – than by expressing my gratitude.
This has been a roller-coaster of a week emotionally… Thank you Nabanita for the reminder by way of your post. Thank You Laurel for the initiative.
Before I set any further in my new-found self, I owe this to the Divine and a few people…
A big huge hug to the cutie, softy doctor for returning my mother to me and telling me, “Now that your mother is healed, you relax. Be happy.” Thank You Dr Shreeja.
A thousand thank you to my mentor, for not mincing his words and telling me in no uncertain terms what I need to change in me so that I don’t attract uncomfortable people in my life. Thank You Velu Sir.
A hundred hugs to my blogger friend for helping me cut the crap when I shared an emotionally draining episode and helped me see a fresh perspective. Thank You Judy.
Humble prayers for my driver who through his sickness was at my doorstep early morning to take me to work. Thank you.
Thanking my editors at work who trust and respect me. I wish them success.
Thanking my colleague Vicktoriya who inspired me with her real-life happiness story! I wish her health and joy always.

Thanking my young friend for thinking about me when he embarked on his project. My prayers and wishes with you Ameel.

A zillion hugs to my little girl who through her words, action and simply being herself each day  makes me complete.
To my man, for being my rock!
To the Divine for making me realise who I am!

Thank You!!!

PS: To all those who wish to be part of the gratitude Link-Up…Click here and Laurel Regan will guide you

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