… a contraceptive that got people into overdrive

… a contraceptive that got people into overdrive

The government does it again. Portrays taking a U-turn on porn ban following public shaming. However, ISPs continue with the ban until they hear the order loud and clear. Blaming rapes on such websites was a lame and foolish excuse… they might be considering the latest UN population report to shade their morality, instead. 
So let’s have some action, please. Let’s protest against those who helped the government ban 850 sites. As for the banned content, there always has been ways around. Bans are like contraceptives, they make users go into a reckless overdrive [pun intended]. 

How can we let such a conscious step initiated by our sacrosanct government fizzle away. So for purely moral reasons, legal procedures must be initiated against those who short-listed these websites. How could they have zeroed in on selected sites without having poured over thousands of porn websites to decide which among them are the worst! 

Bans are like contraceptives, they make users go into reckless overdrive

And as if on cue to demonstrate the idea of the governments’ decision, leaders expose their dirty minds. Bharati’s sexist remark about Delhi becoming safe for ‘beautiful women’ to walk at night is sad. If we can take solace that he represents the average filth of just a party or a certain section of society, I fret to think of what to make of PM Modi’s ‘despite-being-a-woman’ comment, and that, too, on a foreign land. Now, that’s crossing the boundaries! 
To term these as ‘gaffes’, ‘slips’, or merely ‘irresponsible’ is gross ignorance. Such expressions are toxic fumes emanating from the growling reaction of the mirth of their deep-set conditioning that begin frothing on the slightest trigger. 

We are a nation that looks ahead so we will let bygones be bygones… we will not mention MPs watching porn in the House, but henceforth we will not tolerate laymen exercising their choice within their own homes. Phew! 

Internet censorship is a terrain that needs to be handled with care


Generalising judicial orders to accommodate selfish motives and applying it on parallel grounds should be contempt of court and punishable. By using child pornography as a bait to buckle in ulterior motives is missing wood for the trees – to be modest – and rudimentary at the least. 

Again, it’s not only about people’s freedom of expression that is curtailed here, rather it’s about what such holier-than-thou attitude can lead to. Internet censorship is a terrain that needs to be handled with care.

Isn’t the government aware of erotica forwarded on mobile groups for a laugh or that instant stress-busting pleasure? WhatsApp debauchery is also appalling, if we consider the fact that mere words can set minds ablaze. Will the government screen through the varied lexicons to ban words? Mere gestures can arouse people. Will the government appoint moral polices on streets? From Kamasutra and Ajanta and Eloro caves to 50 Shades of Grey, Indians have lapped it all up. But now, websites that portray the same are blamed for rapes and pervasive males’ sickening traits.

Mere words can set minds ablaze 

A progressive government’s regressive act! But then, knowing what an ambitious leader we have in our PM and his record-breaking vision, would it be far-fetched if the government considered the UN report stating India will overtake China by 2022 in population, seriously.

Modiji can begin re-arranging his brimming plumes of records, to use 850 sites for another first-time act. Seven years later headlines will scream: “This is first time in India’s history a Prime Minister has defied UN prediction by banning porn sites.” Whoa!

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