9 questions to women

9 questions to women

On this Women’s Day let’s get real.

If you are a woman reading this answer the below questions honestly. And pass this to other woman to help them CELEBRATE their Day.

  1. Are you in a job that you do not like?
  2. Are you in a relationship that you are tolerating?
  3. Have you postponed pursuing your hobbies or learning new skills because they have slid down your priority list?
  4. Have you discarded/forgotten your dreams that you wanted to nurture as a teenager?
  5. Do you wait for the weekends to unwind and then when the weekend arrives you go about ensuring if all others around you are comfortable?
  6. Do you feel guilty taking ‘Me Time’?
  7. Do you feel obliged to hang around because it is a social commitment?
  8. Do you dress up and carry yourself a particular way because you want to fit-in and fear being left out?
  9. Do you seek appreciation and/or encouragement from your loved ones or others?…

    If your answer to any one of the above questions is a ‘yes’, you are ABUSING yourself.

This Women’s Day make a promise to yourself that you will VALUE and RESPECT yourself.

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