6 ways to identify Intuition

6 ways to identify Intuition

Intuition is your internal GPS to navigate your way through this lifetime on planet Earth. And intuition is available for FREE. All you need to do is keep yourself charged. And how do you do that? BY keeping yourself aligned with the Universe.

However, most people fail to recognize intuition and mistake fear for intuition.

Here are the main differences:

INTUITION is the superpower to guide you to walk your path and create the life you so desire – a life of freedom. Intuition originates in your gut.

FEAR originates in your brain. And the main duty of your brain is to protect you. So, fear keeps you thinking small and second guessing.

INTUITION is the ability to understand something immediately without reasoning.

FEAR is the exact opposite. It shreds up your immediate understanding, reasoning the pros and cons and consequences.

INTUITION has no emotions. It is a neutral feeling.

FEAR is emotionally charged. It causes you to feel anger, anxiety, worry…etc.

INTUITION is subtle. It is soft. It does not interfere with your daily life.

FEAR is loud, overpowering. It consumes you, interfering in your daily life. Making you lack concentration, making you irritable and even causing lack of sleep.

INTUITION shows up anytime anywhere. It needs no trigger.

FEAR shows up only when triggered. When an old hurt or a past memory is triggered.

INTUITION comes with a solution.

FEAR need not necessarily deliver a solution.

So, how do you nurture INTUITION?

Intuition can be nurtured only with TRUST. The more your trust the nudges you receive, the whispers you hear, and implement them without questioning and reasoning, the more INTUITION will develop.

So, how do you stop FEAR?

Well, you have two hands and two legs. But you are NOT the hands or the legs. They do not act without your command. Your legs will not walk on its own unless you steer them towards where you want to head to. Similarly, you have a brain. But you are NOT the brain. If it creates fear, you do not have to accept it. You can dictate the brain, as you would your hands and legs.


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