5 ways to identify your passion

5 ways to identify your passion

Passion is something that will make your heart race!

You may have one or more passion at a given time. And as you evolve, your passion evolves to become a greater cause. That’s how you stumble upon your Purpose!

The are several ways to identify your passion. Here are the 5 basic methods…

  1. Return to your tween and teen years

Think about your childhood dreams. What were the predominant thoughts in your mind then? What were the activities you enjoyed indulging in then? Make a list of them. The list is your clue to the wider canvas in which your passion lies.

  1. What is it that you are scared about of being judged?

Make a list of activities/hobbies that you are afraid to share with others because you fear being criticized and judged. Because, when something is very dear to you, you most often than not will not tolerate it being shredded apart. This is especially so, when you are just beginning to pursue your passion. Yes, that’s your passion. That’s why it hurts.

  1. What is it that you will invest in?

When you are passionate about something, you will be eager to develop it further at every given opportunity. You will not hesitate, you will not make excuses and postpone upgrading yourself and mastering the skills required. You will attend events, take courses, workshops, talk to meet masters and experts in the field… you will leave no stone unturned to ensure you pursue the activity in your highest and best. Make a list of such interests.

  1. What is it that makes you lose track of time and self?

Make a list of activities that keeps you awake at night or that make you lose track of time. You forget to eat, you postpone all other chores to indulge in them. What are they? It could be as mundane as snapchatting. Note it down. No activity is frivolous when making your list to identify your passion, because they could nudge you into the field. For instance, if you are a person spending time on social media, and from the above list, if you observe you are a person who loves personal development, may be social interaction, training or being a public personality in a given area is your passion?

  1. What are the activities that you will pursue even if the entire world were to stand against you?

Yes, make a list of interests that you will pursue no matter what. Despite calls of protests and threats from your loved ones or community or friends, what are those activities that you cannot stop doing. That is sure to be your passion.

To Live a Fulfilled Life, Live a Passionate Life!

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About the author

Nisha Sanjeev, is a author of two books, who traded 20 years of journalism to live her passion of helping others create the life they desire. When professional success failed to inspire her, convinced that there must be more to life than that, Nisha set out on her self-discovery in 2010. She unleashed her true identity following an arduous personal journey to overcome timidity and lack of self-worth. Years of studying and mentoring by masters have enabled her to have a distinctive outlook to life. She uses this distinctive view to help others.

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