5 steps to quickly rise from the funk

5 steps to quickly rise from the funk

We all go through periods of dips, feeling low, sad, confused, anxious, angry and hopeless. That’s only natural as we wade through the mechanics of life.
What matters is how quickly we can rise from the funk. Wallowing in that space for long can lead one into being a failure.

So, we need to think positive. But, that is easy said than done!

You cannot think positive when you are vibrating at your lowest. Therefore, the first step is to shift your energy. Shift your frequency to a higher level. Only that can help you think positive.

Begin, with accepting the fact that you are feeling down and out. That’s the reality check you give yourself. Then, tell yourself that you are in the best place at the given moment for you to reach to the place that you yearn to be.

Follow that by the below 5 steps. Or any of the below 5 that suits you.

1. Meditate or spent time in silence!

Meditation works wonders for me. I get clarity, peace and answers to my issues. Those of you who aren’t into meditation, practice sitting in silence concentrating only on your breath. Even if it is just for 2 minutes, that’s a great beginning. Do it as often as you can. When your thoughts wander to the problem that is worrying you, shift your focus on the inhalation and exhalation. It’s as simple.

2. Connect with Nature!

When life bogs you down, get out of the four walls and connect with Nature. Go for walks. You do not necessarily stroll the beach or go in search of greenery or streams and mountains. I take my walks amid winding lanes and sit on roadside benches. If you feel the wind on your skin and can see the blue sky over your head, it’s fine. Remember to set out with the intention, you are returning home rejuvenated.

3. Exercise!

Physical exercise can do wonders. If you aren’t the gym type, go jogging, do yoga or at least some basic stretches. Sweat it out. You will feel good immediately, the motivation can be used to kick start your rejuvenation.

4. Write down your issue!

Use a pen and paper. No laptops and mobile apps. Hold a pen between your fingers and write long-hand on paper in the language that you think and pray. That is your dominant language. Begin with writing what’s your concern, then go into all the reasons you can possibly fathom of why it happened and then arrive at a solution. Writing gives you more clarity than merely thinking it over.

5. Affirm!

Whatever the issue that has brought you into a state of funk, the reason – the core reason is YOU! However, varied the trigger may be… it could be a stress at workplace, someone humiliating you, abusing you, facing injustice, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, whatever… is the issue that is worrying you, the reason is YOU. Even if someone has cheated you, it is because you allowed it to happen, because you couldn’t see it coming, because you LET it affect you…

So, affirm that you are vibrating at your highest frequency always and that you are attracting opportunities and people that are in your highest and best always! You may want to write it down every night before you fall asleep or say it throughout the day at regular intervals.

One important point to keep in mind while affirming is to quote your desire in the ‘present tense’. Example: I am healthy [If your desire is to get rid of an illness]

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Nisha Sanjeev, is a author of two books, who traded 20 years of journalism to live her passion of helping others create the life they desire. When professional success failed to inspire her, convinced that there must be more to life than that, Nisha set out on her self-discovery in 2010. She unleashed her true identity following an arduous personal journey to overcome timidity and lack of self-worth. Years of studying and mentoring by masters have enabled her to have a distinctive outlook to life. She uses this distinctive view to help others.

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