5 steps to overpower negative thoughts

Is your job stressing you out

5 steps to overpower negative thoughts

Thinking positive will not always work. Especially now. During this Covid-19 phase, when the routine has been affected in the most unprecedented of ways, most people are steeped in fear, anxiety, uncertainty. They are afraid of the ‘new normal’.

When you are wrapped in fear of a situation, the first and foremost action to be aware of your feelings. If the situation that is causing you fear is in your control, seek steps that will resolve your fear. Alternatively, if the situation is beyond your control, then first accept that you are in fear, that you are uncomfortable. Be aware of the feeling. It sucks. Yes. Then do what you can do to stay afloat, first. Later, see how you can walk away from it.

Take each moment at a time. Each day at a time.

Here are 5 steps to keep your feelings afloat, when the going gets tough.

Me Time

This is hugely important. Make this a practice, even when you get out of the funk. Me time is the literal lifeline top self-growth. Now that everyone is home, you may need to communicate with you family and demand your space. Ask for your space. Do it politely. Learn to set loving boundaries for yourself. During your Me Time, do not answer calls, even. Just reflect on yourself. Your feelings, your emotions. Your needs. And what actions you need to take.

  • Declutter

This is huge in Feng shui. Make space for the energy to flow. Where there is clutter, energy stagnates. Create space in your outer world and see how you begin feeling lighter. You will be able to think with more clarity. Clean your wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, make-up box, store area… Physically, use your own hands to pick up a few items and throw them or donate them to the needy. Let energy flow through!

  • Sleep important

Early to bed, early to rise,  remains a nursery rhyme. Adopt it. Wake up with the sunrise. So you can also  accommodate your ‘me time’. Create the ambience to fall asleep. Think of the spa you go to. Use candles, room spray. Change your bedspread, Use essential oils. Lavender is the best. Take a shower at night. Dim the lights. And be consistent with your bedtime.

  • Get physicality into your energy

Wanna exercise but can’t. Think of a time you did it. Draw on the experience of doing it in the past and the result it gave you. Take small steps. Inspiration alone will not help. Self-motivate yourself. Or write it through. How you feel. So you are giving a physical expression to your low feeling. What comes out is a refreshing you.

  • Do what you have been procrastinating about for long

Be that cooking or sketching or gardening or whatever or music or learning a new language…whatever. It could even be as simple an act as cleaning your washroom. Have you been delaying it. Thinking about doing it, but never actually getting your acts together? Di it NOW. See how accomplished you feel. Celebrate that small victory and that will allow you to multiply the acts.

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