4 reasons why you’ve lost control over your life

4 reasons why you’ve lost control over your life

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Are you tolerating a day job that you do not like, but you put up with it just to pay the bills?

Are you waiting for your kids to finish university and land a job, so you can then be free to do things you like?

Are you a homemaker who put your kids’ and spouses’ needs first always, so much so you sat up in mid-life wondering when your youth and years left you?

Most often people get ‘busy’ with life, that they slip into mediocre living and they would not even know that their quality of life has slipped down. They believe ‘being busy’ is the same as being ‘productive’.


People wait for things to ‘settle down’ for them to start taking action. They lean into excuses to justify their waiting. When you wait for things to happen, you are going to get more things your way that will keep you waiting. That is the simple law of the Universe.

You attract what YOU ARE!. Period.

Not having something to create for yourself and your life can prove disastrous.

Creating keeps your mental muscles active.

Below are 4 areas when not properly understood can create more havoc, making life meaningless.

You believe ‘Interesting’ is ‘Important’

You keep yourself busy doing things, tasks that ‘interest’ you. Because you do not want to be bored. You get to be part of groups [lots of social media groups now] that engage in unproductive activities killing time in the name of bonding and sharing. You may even take solace in the fact that some of the activities are your ‘passion’ and ‘hobby’.

Now, here’s the thing. Interesting is NOT always important.

Ask yourself, how is the time spent on ‘interesting’ activities resulting in your ‘GROWTH’.

Those of you who indulge yourselves thus, do so because you do not have GOALS in life.

You do not have personal goals

You may have goals for your family. And that is great. But you NEED to have goals for yourself. Goals give you an aim in life, a purpose to move on, a meaning to your existence. Without a personal goal you are like a kite that is broken, fluttering in the sky, getting beaten, torn, being at the mercy of the wind, to land far away from its owner, sometimes in no man’s land or sometimes shredded by squabblers.

Without a personal goal you tend to get easily frustrated and irritated, especially when you watch others pass you by. That lowers your energy, you make wrong choices, attract the wrong people and… the cycle continues, making you settle for less.

And with time, you get so used to being in that space that you get accustomed to play small and expect less of yourself, so much so that lifestyle becomes your COMFORT ZONE and you settle for a mediocre life.

You do not know where to start

Any goal will work only if you start. Start where you are, with the knowledge/training/skills you have. As you progress you will get numerous chances to sharpen yourself.

Now, here’s the thing.

If you are a person who has no personal goals and believe interesting activities are important, then you have ‘wrong’ [read: similar-minded] people around you whom you compare yourself to. You will measure your progress to them, without actually finding your own music, because you fret stepping out of your comfort zone.

A strong personal goal when pursued will pull you into waters unknown, will bring to surface your unknown characteristics. A strong personal goal when pursued with determination will help you discover the REAL you – it will help you decide what you like and what you do not like. You will bask in new-found confidence and verve that will instantly lift your energy up.

And when you start vibrating higher, you will see and feel clearly as to what is your next step. And as you begin walking the path, you will attract other high-vibrating souls and your life will become more meaningful and satisfying.

You believe friends and family are enough

You are the average of the 5 people whom you spent the most time with. So choose wisely. Friends and family love you. They will never want to see you suffer.

So, here’s the thing.

When you start pursuing a personal goal and are determined to up your game, you will be shoved out of your comfort zone. It is only natural for your loved ones to step in and stop you from going ahead.

So, do not compromise growth for love. Your loved ones know to love you, but they do not necessarily know how to support you.

Only you can choose growth for yourself. No one else can do that for you. Least of all your family and friends.

If you want to evolve and transform and lift yourself up from mediocrity to magnificence, then you need have personal goals and choose growth.

Successful people know how to position themselves. They do not spent time with people who wait for weekends.  

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