3 steps to stay inspired always

3 steps to stay inspired always

In this digital age – the age of information – the age of ideas, you do not need to look far for motivational themes and words. Quotes, memes, videos, articles, real-life stories… name it, with a simple touch they can change your destiny, provided you let them ‘IN’.

In fact, nobody can motivate you. At best, people can call for motivation. Because motivation is an action.

In fact, nobody can inspire you. At best , people can make you aspire. Because, inspiration is an action.

Just because you are motivated by your gym instructor, will you lose weight if you hit the snooze button every morning?

Just because you are inspired by Tony Robbins session on relationships, will your relationship with your partner mend itself, if you do not implement his suggestions?

Only self-motivated individuals can stay inspired!

At best, what an outside source can do to you is perhaps motivate you into thinking.

But none can inspire you. Inspiration is the aspiration with-IN you to change, to conquer, to achieve, to… whatever it is that you yearn for.
That’s why the saying, only an inspired individual will last the race. How you use motivation to clear your vision, how you use motivation to fuel the process to achieve it, how you utilise motivation to stay afloat when you wallow in the dips…is your responsibility.

You have people obsessed with watching self-development videos, scourging over self-help books, enrolling in master classes and spending a fortune on mentors and coaches, who after years of pursuit are still dormant. Any outside support has an expiry date.

I was one such, until I was utterly tired of the so-called good stuff I was feeding myself. I felt better only when I decided to start taking action.

You will never ever be well-settled or perfectly prepared. Therefore, postponing to begin taking action is foolishness.

Trust the Universe, trust your instincts and get going. You will never regret it. Only the inspired walk their path!

And please, do not wait for anyone to hold you by your pinkie. Not even those who dearly love you and vouch their life for you, or those whom you have the utmost respect and look up to, or coaches and mentors whom you pour your hearts out to. NONE. NO ONE can walk your path for you. They can at best be your ‘Inner Circle’.

Only self-motivated individuals can stay inspired! So the three steps to stay inspired at all times is:


There is no solution, no remedy that beats action. It need not be a giant leap. Do something that you haven’t done it a long while. How about exercising [just 10 minutes, not more] if you haven’t been doing it. Or calling up an old friend, you haven’t spoken to in a long while.
Taking action need NOT be in the area of your concern. Step out of your routine. That’s the first act. For instance, you want to get fit. For a week, get up 30minutes early. Sit idle, if you can’t move yourself. But wake up. You’ll feel better. You’ll feel a sense of achievement. That will motivate you to take the next step to begin jogging. One tiny step in any direction is all that you need to set right your mindset and focus on what you want. However, do not expect results overnight. Be patient and realistic and never give up.


Spend time with yourself. ALONE. ME TIME. Meditate. Go for a walk. Talk to yourself. Stop listening to yourself, instead begin talking to yourself. Think of all the little things you liked as a teenager, as a kid. Recollect all the small achievements of the past, however trivial you may consider them now. Think of the joy you felt then. That will give you the energy to ask yourself tough questions to revise your present.


You hang around with naysayers, narcissists, whiners and the like, rest assured you will limp all your life. Choose your friends, choose the people whom you spend the most time with, wisely. Join tribes, master classes. There are hundreds of them online. Check out those that resonate with you and join them. That’s a continual source of keeping your aspirations burning!

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