3 steps to always stay in the NOW!

3 steps to always stay in the NOW!

Live in the present. Embrace the NOW! Present in the gift. Fret not about the future. Forget the past. Let bygones be bygones… Haven’t we all heard these.

Yet, we worry about the same events, people and moments because of two reasons:

  1. No message can inspire you unless it resonates with your Spirit
  2. Motivation is crap. No external force [words, acts, people, situation….] can motivate you.

This is the precise reason why in spite of watching plethora of uplifting videos and interacting with growth-minded people, the feel-good factor doesn’t last.

Only you can help yourself. An outside force can at best guide you. Use them as your crutch to stand up. You need to do the walking.

So what do you do when you are plagued by a worrying situation of the future or a past incident that refuses to leave your mind?

Select one incident or moment that you treasure or cherish the most. Make that your ‘Anchor Thought’.

Next time, you begin to wallow in the past or start to get anxious about a future event, become aware. Tell yourself, ‘okay I am NOT in the present moment. And this is NO good for me.’ Switch over to your anchor thought. Live the moment that you most cherished. You will begin to relax and feel good about yourself. You will feel ‘powerful’. And that’s the most wonderful feeling of having gained control over your mind.

After you’ve done this a few times, change the ‘Anchor Thought’. Make it one of your goals, your dreams.

And every time, you begin worrying about how people treated you in the past, what they said about you, how miserably you failed or what will happen if you don’t get a hike or you lose your job or what will happen if the medical report comes out positive… do the three steps:

  1. Surrender your disturbing thoughts to the Universe. Command it to take care of it. No pleading, no requesting. Say aloud with all your might – ‘I surrender this worry to you. You take care.’
  2. Then play the ‘Anchor Thought’ in your mind, live it in your heart.
  3. After sometime, when you are relaxed, become aware of the change in you and command to yourself – again no pleading, requesting – ask yourself to concentrate on the task at hand. Get back to the NOW!

The more you practice thus, the more you will remain in the NOW!

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