3 reasons why you are not successful

3 reasons why you are not successful

Getting straight to the point. How many successful people have you observed, followed, studied?

Be they rags-to-riches stories or self-made billionaires or the slow-and-steady types… all successful people share the same three basic attributes.

• They step out and step it up
• They have mentor/s.
• They have an ‘Outside Guiding Force’

What do you mean by stepping out and stepping it up? They do not wait to be led by their pinkie. They do not waste time and energy whining, crying and cursing people and circumstances when events turn sour. Neither do they wait for the perfect time and condition to start. They simply begin and improvise on the go; redo when they fail. In other words, they ACT! They take ACTION! And keep at it, upping their game with dedication and commitment.

The other attribute of all successful people is their thirst to learn and be corrected. They all have mentors. Tony Robbins, one the world’s best coaches who boasts US Presidents on his client list, also has mentors. Richard Branson seeks help. Bill Gates has a mentor. You can never know it all. So, if you do not already have a mentor, find yourself one now. At least one. It pays to have more than one, though.

The third attribute all successful people share is having an ‘Outside Guiding Force’ helping them! A force that creates happy coincidences at the most opportune of moments, nudging them, helping them and propelling them to create whatever it is that they are yearning for.

Think about this…

The first two attributes – Acting and Learning from Mentors – are within your grasp. You need to work to make it happen. But, the third attribute is BEYOND your reach. Some call it luck!

So, how do you beckon luck? How do you ensure you get the support of that Ultimate Force?

Gratitude is the only way! Thank You is the biggest bribe you can possibly pay the Universe to ensure you are at the right place at the right time.

Make gratitude a habit. Thank the Universe for all the little things you have. Want a 7-digit income. Thank the Divine for the money that you have now and then ask for more. Want a have your own home. Thank the Universe for the roof you have over your head now and then ask for a luxurious one. Hate your job? Thank the Divine for the current employment and then ask for your dream job. Suffering from an illness. Thank the Universe for the energy you have to do the little things in life by yourself and then ask to be cured.

Gratitude is the biggest bribe you could ever pay to have things your way!

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