3 fun games to overcome writer’s block

3 fun games to overcome writer’s block

Energy goes where focus goes!

When we fret about not being able to write or get into the flow, the more we restrict our creativity.

Instead do something different… here are 3 fun games to help you overcome the creative block.

  1. Poach your surroundings

Walk along a busy street and eavesdrop into conversations of passers-by. You can do this also in shopping malls – in the name of window shopping. Shop for bytes of conversations. Make a list of the incomplete sentences you listened to and string them together, add your imagination to complete it and spice it up. Make a story.

This game will help you distract your mind. Gives you the satisfaction of being creative.

  • Play the number game

Get a partner to support you for this. Consider numbers 1 to 10. For each number add a scene. Do not write it down. Memorize it. And test each other asking for scenes of random numbers. Once you find 10 numbers easy, increase the count. For instance: No#1 – There was a huge mango tree in the school yard. No#2 – Two boys were running around the tree. No#3 There were three bicycles beneath the tree. No#4 From the school yard a gate with 4 iron bars led to the playground… And so on…

This game will sharpen your concentration. Most often writer’s block is the result of shiny object syndrome.

  • Play the ‘what if’ game

Take a pen and paper and start writing ‘what ifs. You may take a random topic or use the topic of your writing. For instance: What if I do not go to work this week. [Ans: the boss will call me] What if I do not pick the calls [Ans: My colleagues may come looking for me]. What if I do not open the door… Go on until you feel satisfied.

If you do this for the topic you are feeling stuck about, it will give you a fresh perspective.

What are your favourite activities to get the creative juices flowing?

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