2022 – Intentions Vs Resolutions

2022 – Intentions Vs Resolutions

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Wishing you a Joyfilled & Blessed 2022!

It is that time of the year, when we make resolutions.

We have had two rough years that has made us only resilient and more hopeful.

No matter how 2022 unfolds, if our intentions are pure, we will tide through the waves unhurt.

Resolutions are needed. But they are low-vibrating energy.


Resolution means resolving

Re-solving an old issue. Closing something that you began in the past. Or re-starting something that you paused or left unfinished.

That is why resolutions do not give you the momentum to go far.

Resolution is past-focussed.

Resolution stems from guilt and doubt.

Resolution is going on a path of resistance to prove you can do it.

While, Intention…

Is high-vibrating energy.

It is the seed you plant to harvest.

It offers the momentum, thrusting you into action to go far.

Intention is future-focussed.

Intention stems from hope and determination.

Intention is going along the path of flow with the Universe having your back.

While resolutions are important, so as to release stuck and delayed energy, Intentions are the doorway to your goals and dreams.

So, this year, along with resolutions let’s state our intentions clear and loud to the Universe.

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