2012 – when India stood stripped

2012 – when India stood stripped

December 31, 2012
The Mayans cried wolf long before the world stepped into the 21st century.
Their wolf never whimpered, yet they survived with impunity, presumably even with their heads held high, because they did no harm to any living soul.

They only predicted doom, but the world’s largest democracy was pushed into one by some ruthless beasts in the national capital.

They struck in the dark, assaulting her modesty.
India stands stripped. Exposed.

Yards of the tricolour will not drape the shame. Umpteen speeches, demonstrations, laws, punishments [in no particular order] will not cover the scars.

But there is hope. That is the beauty of human life. And so considering that our government comprises human beings, I will take the risk to say that they will rise up.

That is human nature. When you are thrown in the deepest and darkest pit, after the initial shock of discovering where you have landed, you strangely find the solitude in there to determine how you landed there. That’s when the actual realisation dawns and you make efforts to climb up.

In this case, the entire nation seems to be waiting to offer their helping hand to the government to safeguard their collective modesty. To pull it out into the bright sunlight of the New Year.

However, are all the hands that are holding a candle lightening another.

We must. Should. Ought to.

Demonstrations, threats, statistics, emotions and viral content ever since that shameful act on December 16 have spruced up the administration.

Now give them the space to act. Let’s not begin our pet peeve of six-decades-of-non-action-we-will-not-tolerate-anymore kind of stuff all over again.

I am not suggesting that the 23-year-old be forgotten. She should not. But let’s not cry for the brave heart. She has started a revolution. One that independent India never fathomed in its wildest imagination.

But the crusade she set into motion can be achieved only if each one of us change. While the administration revises laws and spruces up bureaucracy,  each one of us must make a conscious effort to look within. Begin now. Let’s not label it a New Year resolution! That egg never hatches.

Morality is the catch. It should be ingrained in our breath and flesh.

Morality is when you tell your child to handover that last crayon to the neighbour who comes requesting for one.

Morality is when teens are taught to lift up a fallen stranger on the road even if it means missing their class test.

Morality is when you stop resorting to the cheapest of ploys to gain that promotion at workplace.

Morality is when we are unstirred by another’s pride, prejudice, achievement or betrayal.

Morality is when we live and learn to let live.

[Pic courtesy: NDTV]

Nisha Sanjeev

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