2 steps to overcome stress

2 steps to overcome stress

Stress – our constant companion. Everything from family, work, finances, economy, politics, elections, kids, to Covid… most of us are stressed about something all the time.

What is stress?

Stress is a feeling. And feeling results from emotions. And emotions are a result of consistent thoughts over a period of time.

So, why do we get stressed?

We are stressed when we push against our reality and ‘THINK’, ‘EXPECT’ to have and experience a different reality.

We are stressed because we DO NOT accept our reality. When we do not accept what IS.

Here’s the thing…

Accepting your reality does not mean liking your reality.

Take, job for instance.

You are in a job you hate. That’s the reality. Accept it. You get stressed about your job when you make it about others. Your colleagues back-biting, your boss being a Dracula, your management being manipulative… etc. These could be the FACTS. You do not have to harp on the facts. Accept the reality, and that is you HATE THE JOB. Then, choose to take action – either mend ways and stick around or chalk out an exit strategy… whatever suits you.

Similarly, take relationships.

If you are in an unhappy relationship, then your UNHAPPINESS is the REALITY. Accept it. Do not make it about others. Partner having an extramarital affair, or you not being valued or respected…etc. That could be the FACTS. You do not have to harp on the facts all along. Accept the reality, and that is you HATE BEING IN THE RELATIONSHIP. Then, choose to take action. Talk it out. Make your stand clear. Chalk out an exit strategy… whatever suits you.

So, when are we stressed?

We are stressed when we are in a situation and expect it to be different.

We are stressed when we are in a situation and focus on blaming others.


Stop blaming others. Stop finding excuses. Stop self-pitying.

Stress is UNWANTED, UNHEALTHY, energy piled up within you. TAKING ACTION will give physicality to that energy.

This is one of the many reasons why people fail at manifesting, too.

You want to manifest something – a new job, a partner, kid, money… but if you are STRESSED about it, if you continue blaming others for you not having them, no matter how much you visualize, scribe, journal, make vision boards… it will not give you results.

So, how do you to overcome stress? 1) Accept your reality 2) Take action


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