1st step to living peaceful, purposeful life

1st step to living peaceful, purposeful life

Remember we are multi-sensory. And learn to become soul-sensory.

Do you yearn to lead a peaceful and purposeful life? Then you need to first understand Body-Soul connection.

We are NOT bodies with SOULS.

We are SOULS with a BODIES.

When we get this difference most of our problems will vanish.

Our Soul has taken on a body to travel this world – to LIVE in this world.

It is not the other way around. It’s NOT that our Body has taken a Soul to travel around here – to LIVE here.

Our BODY is the vehicle that our SOUL decided to drive around here.

But we being we, the great know-it-all superior intelligent human beings, we believe we are the drivers and if the SOUL wants it can tag along. 😊

We do not consult it. We do not even acknowledge it. In fact, we take pride in saying we are 5-sensory beings. And we believe what we can see, hear, feel, touch, and listen. And that is all we need to live.

And those of us who rely on senses that are beyond these five senses are called ‘weird’. We relegate that to the movies or differentiate them and name them as ‘psychics.

Oh, she has a sharp sixth sense!!!

We all have it. We human beings are not five-sensory. We are multi-sensory.

Now, it’s high time we become Soul-sensory. Let’s make it a habit of listening to what our SOUL has to say.

When we acknowledge the fact that we are mere vehicles driven by our souls, our survival here will become easy.

That’s when we can easily let go off, or at least ignore our ego and let ourselves be DRIVEN by our soul. We will give up RESISTANCE. We will willingly take a back seat. That’s in other words SURRENDERING.

Surrendering is nothing passive. We do the work. Our human body will have to do the work. Our human mind will have to process the instructions. But the only difference will be we will do it with peace, with joy and with love.

It’s like going to school. The teacher teaches you, guides you, shows you the right and wrong ways of things. But it’s up to you how to listen and imbibe and implement and reproduce it in your exams to pass and upgrade yourself.

Similarly, on this Earth School, our Soul is teaching us, guiding us telling us what is right and wrong, it is up to us to listen and implement it and reproduce the learning when life tests us, when difficulties arise, when we on cross roads [these are all exams when we are put to test], so we can upgrade ourselves – transform ourselves and evolve.

If you desire to lead a peaceful, purposeful, and joyful life, then start being Soul-sensory.


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About the author

Nisha Sanjeev is a Transformation Strategist specializing in Practical Spirituality. She is an author, speaker and healer on a mission to help women stand in their power, gain the credibility they deserve to have a fulfilling career as professionals and homemakers and creating the life they desire.

She brings her real world experience of being a Journalist for over 20 years and her learnings from Spiritual Masters to her signature courses.

She is the author of 2 books. First book ‘Anamica’ details how an Indian girl goes into the verge of depression by sacrificing her self-worth and desires to live for others.
‘Step Out ‘n’ Step It Up’details how one can tap into their Inner Power to create the life they so desire.
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