10 reasons why some women need a whack

10 reasons why some women need a whack

These are from my personal experiences. Therefore, if you find any resemblance to any living beings it’s no coincidence 🙂 🙂

1. A woman friend visited me recently on learning I’m unwell. The first question: “So what about cooking?”
[What the hell makes you think only women are responsible for feeding the family?]

2. “You are so lucky, your husband helps you…”
[We are man and wife, not master and slave]

3. “You don’t drive!! Seriously!!!! It gives you confidence. Start at least now!”
[How about spelling out your vulnerabilities at least now. Share some confidence]

4. “You have a daughter, so it’s easy for you to do things you like”
[It’s mothers like you who raise spoilt brats that ‘re responsible for women’s woes]

5. “Why don’t you take up a job? How do you spent time!”
[I sleep around. Wanna join me]

6. “Your husband accompanies you for shopping! Really!!!”
[My man knows my lingerie size, you have a problem?]

7. “You visit your parents first before going to your in-laws?”
[It’s my choice, my decision]

8. You came last week and you never called? [Typical of some relatives back home]
[I have no tolerance for your kind]

9.”Men can never match us in multi-tasking…!”
[You are liars. Shitting and liking FB posts or feeding your kid and making to-do lists is not multitasking. If you can ace at being the best mother and the best employee or leader, then you come close to multi-tasking. So shove your ego up]

10. “You are an inspiration to women. You are a true feminist!”
[I do NOT believe in the current feminist crap. I’m a humanist. Does that inspire you]

Women ought to pause and step out of the boxed thinking and get some life! Just because you are a woman that does not mean you NEED to know how to cook. By all means, do it, if you like and do it only with love. Food, for Pete’s sake is energy!!! Do not cook and feed your family half-heartedly, if you wish them good health.

If you are a mother, that does NOT stop you from living your life. Your kids are watching you. You have no right to ask them to follow their dreams when you are sacrificing your likes. Lead by example, not by preaching. And that holds good for boys and girls alike.

As for being the perfect wife. That’s an illusion. Choose yourself first over anything. As a married woman, your responsibility is towards your kids and your man. If you aren’t happy, you cannot keep them happy. So cut the formalities and daft protocols, if you wish to be a good wife and mom.

And, yes, believe in feminism if you wish women to have the same opportunities as men. Just as two women cannot have the same efficiency in everything they do, it is the same when comparing men and women. Last but not the least, there cannot be a world without men, just as there cannot exist a world without women! So learn to be a humanist!


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