1 reason why you must NOT CHASE your dreams

1 reason why you must NOT CHASE your dreams

It is time to check your daily vocabulary. Forget hurting others. First, learn to protect yourself.

Everything is energy. Words are energy, too. So, it’s is utmost important to use it right.

I’m chasing my dreams! I’m following my heart!

REALLY !!!!!

Our subconscious mind is programmed by us. The better we equip it, the better our lives are.

Wonder why affirmations are always in the present tense? You never write, “I want to be healthy.” You will affirm, “I AM healthy”.

Anything you seek for the future will only evade you from the present. And every moment you affirm using words ‘I will be’; ‘I want to’; ‘I need to’… rest assured you will not receive it NOW.

When you want to manifest something, you say it aloud, write it down, make a vision board and imagine it, feel it with all the emotions that will play inside you if you were to have received it NOW. You continue this exercise for a period of time and you will manifest whatever that is you are seeking. However, of course, you simply don’t close your eyes and yearn and turn over and pull the comforter over your head. You need to work, too. You do your part and the Universe does its part.

So, why do we say, ‘chasing our dreams and following our heart’?

All self-motivated individuals, yearning to walk their paths should auto-correct their wish NOW!.

How long do you want to chase your dreams? How long do you want to follow your heart? One day, you’ll be tired of running behind them, that you will give up. Instead, give up the ‘chase’ now.

‘I’m living my dreams’! ‘I’m listening to my heart’!

How does the above sound?

I was guilty of the same, until I realised my folly.

Trust me, it makes a difference. Your energy shifts. You become more aware. It unsettles you definitely. When you ARE NOT living your dream and say you are, it makes you frustrated. But then, that’s a good sign. Accept the frustration and collect yourself to ponder over what it takes to really start living your dreams. And you will ACTIVELY begin the process. Rest assured you will manifest it faster. Like I did with my first book [above pic].

Summing it up:

The ONE crucial reason why you should NOT CHASE your dreams is because:

You will NOT work actively towards achieving it because your subconscious mind DOES NOT understand the urgency. It’s in the chasing mode.

The Universe grants you what you want NOW, not what you want sometime later.

You are postponing the manifestation when the affirmation is in the future tense.

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