1 reason why motivation is crap

1 reason why motivation is crap

Motivation is bullshit! Period. None can motivate you. No One.

If one could get motivated from an outside source, then majority of us should have been living a fantastic life. A life that we desire.

Consider the number of positive quotes, messages, videos, stories that float around on social media, if we were to imbibe all of those, adapt them and implement them we would have no complaints, the world would have been a far better place than it is today.

But, since that is not the case and considering the fact that the millions of positive one-liners and stories and messages cannot be all wrong and incorrect, the only other possible reason why they have no effect on us is because something is wrong, not right, at the receiving end. With us!

Motivation is a skill you need to develop. Like you would hit the gym to build your muscles, so also motivation is a muscle you need to work on with determination and dedication.

For instance, you watch a video on how to build a six-pack in one month, and you are so awed by it that you immediately decide to implement everything you watched. The following day you are up early for the round of exercises and have salads and greens and fruits and water. It may happen for a couple of days, perhaps a few more and finally you begin snoozing the alarm and indulging on so-called cheat days, which will extend more than the occasional days. Your motivation bubble bursts.

None can inspire you. Nothing can inspire you to make changes. Because inspiration as the word says is in-spiration. In spirit. Only when we take IN the positivity and that resonates with our spirit we be determined and dedicated. Only then can we become self-motivated!
And those who are self-motivated you imbibe the positivity from around, adapt it and will make change. The shift happens!


You can inspire only the self-motivated!

Only the self-motivated can implement the changes required to improve themselves!

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