To help the growth-minded transcend in jobs and careers

Why you need to be a part of this community?

Because here we hold space to help you discover your Higher Calling

Because you will learn to combine hard and soft skills with spiritual skills

Because here you will learn how to stop transitioning in your jobs and transform to embrace purpose-aligned careers

How do we do these?

By decoding one livelihood challenge monthly

Practising Manifestation mindfully

Group Meditation

Online Support

$21 per month
$102 for 6 months [1 month free]

What clients say

I learnt easy-to-use, simple tools and guidelines
to find my true desire and to follow my path. I
resonate with Nisha’s words… I got the courage
to take a major decision in my life with much ease
and trust in myself.

—- Manjula Mohan
Social Entrepreneur


Nisha helped me walk through the proverbial
tunnel towards the door of light. Today, apart from
managing my company, I am also a much-followed
chef with my own YouTube Channel and
two recipe books.

—- Reham Sitara
Businesswoman & Chef

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One 30 min FREE 1-on-1 consultation with Nisha Sanjeev monthly.


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Meet your teacher

Nisha Sanjeev is a Purpose Initiator and Writing Consultant. An author of 3 books, with the latest ‘When Your Job Sucks’ being an Amazon Bestseller.

She was a journalist for 20 years. She says, while being a journalist gave her social status and financial independence, she was a doormat and people pleaser, who lacked self-worth and suffered from ailments and anxiousness changing 7 media jobs seeking job satisfaction. Ultimately, on the verge of depression and after heart rending episodes of shame & guilt, she learned how to align her career with her life purpose.

Today she is on a mission to help professionals use spiritual skills along with hard and soft skills to transform and ultimately transcend into fulfilling careers

Nisha attained certifications in Thought Leadership; Feng Shui Consultation and Divine Healing .

Her clients have switched careers, received promotions at work; healed relationships.

Nisha Sanjeev - Meet Your Teacher