Angel Writing

Your passion project is worth pursuing! Our Angel Writing program will fetch you your print-ready manuscript in 6 months.

All you need to do is place the intention to have your book and trust your Angel. We have pre-decided sessions where you share your story and we work hand-in-hand to craft your book to reflect your personality and your vision.

Angel Writing

As your trusted Angel Writer, when you work with me, you get…

  • Your ideas transformed into a coherent and compelling narrative
  • A writing style that complements your specific needs
  • Your voice and thoughts crafted into engaging prose
  • Research done on the subject matter
  • A captivating book capturing readers’ attention
  • Publishing industry referrals
  • Marketing & Distribution connects
  • Strict confidentiality

In the event you wish to have a co-authoring relationship, the writing part will be taken care of by me, while you do the research and gather information and/or verbally share the story.

Client Testimonials

As your trusted Angel Writer/ Co-author, you will be working with…

  • An empathetic and understanding partner to tap into your emotions
  • An effective communicator asking pertinent questions, providing consistent updates
  • An organized writing partner who honours deadlines and attention to detail
  • A guide hand-holding you until your book launch

Client Testimonials

Angel Writing or Co-authoring is a 6-month project and I am extremely selective of the individuals I collaborate with. Therefore, the waiting list for clients is long.

If you have a passion project that you wish to deliver to the world, connect with me NOW! Let’s chalk out a schedule to work together and fulfil your dream at the earliest.

Collaboration fee will be shared in the FREE discovery call.