Master Your Energy For Success

Nisha Sanjeev-Master Your Energy For Success

Hey, it is Nisha! I am SO glad you are here, and I am excited about the new experiences I have had in 2020. Last year was my Best Year!

Why am I calling it the Best Year? Simple. Because two of my long-inspired dreams have came true. And I sincerely wish the same and more for YOU.

If you have spent all these years studying various manifestation tools and techniques and reading books and watching videos and taking courses to manifest your dreams, but they elude you…

I want to help!

If you have spent all these years feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, lacking motivation, and feeling like you are missing out on your purpose by dreaming too small…

I want to help!

This easy-to-understand-and-implement 5-tutorial course will help you UNDERSTAND why your dreams and goals do not manifest and if they do, why they manifest in bits and bobs and not BIG and LASTING.

They will help you build a strong foundation [Read master your energy] so you can start constructing your Burj Khalifa [Read manifesting your dreams]!

I want to help!

The most important project you can ever work on in your life is YOU!

You also get BONUSES!!!



An eBook FREE to download! How to Create an Abundant Life!

Have you wondered why happiness eludes you despite you achieving a dream that you yearned for long?
Dive into the FLOW principle to understand why you cannot create in isolation.


Membership to my Facebook Coaching Group. This is a 100% FREE experience (with no upsells or internet marketing tricks).

What you will get there is bi-monthly online FREE LIVE group coaching sessions with me, apart from guided video lessons and blog posts to teach you how to think and dream bigger, get through the inevitable roadblocks, and learn the small habits that you can use every day to upgrade yourself, no matter where in life you are at present.


4 self-motivational workbooks to help you become aware of areas that need your attention. Download them and work at your pace!
‘Life Mastery Nuggets’ + ‘Affirmations’, to guide you while you create the next chapter of your life!
The total value of these offerings is USD 100/-
But you get it at just USD 45/- ( approximately AED. 180 )

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The most important project you can ever work on in your life is YOU!

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