If you are not sure


Most common reasons why women approach me for mentoring…

They are over-worked and denied rightful promotion

‘I am tired of hearing ‘this is the best we can do’

They do not have financial freedom

‘I’ve been working all my life, but I have no savings’

They want to balance work, family, health, relationship

‘I love travelling. But I just cannot afford a holiday’

They want to be the best mothers for their kids and feel guilty of not doing enough

‘I work in shifts and on most weekends. I’m afraid my kids will not bond with me’

Their marriage is not working and dread separation / divorce

‘My husband doesn’t value me. My spouse is abusive. I’m tolerating for my kids…’

They want to see more purpose in their life

‘I feel stuck in a rut, so unproductive. I want to do something different, but don’t know what’

They have recurrent health issues

‘My back ache will take me to my grave’

They want a slimmer body

‘I’ve tried all sorts of diets, but I keep putting on’

They want to transition from their current work-life into a future working life they yearn

‘What if I cannot adjust in the new place’