Is your job stressing you out? Are deadlines and targets burning you out?

The secret to a successful corporate is to have staff who are happy and healthy and not just skilled.

But in our offices, in order to keep up with the fast-paced world, only skills & talents of employees are focused on, ignoring their emotional state.

Is your job stressing you out

This is where I can help

I have survived and thrived in the most challenging Media field for 21 years, gaining first-hand experience on how to transform employees from merely surviving to thriving, both professionally and personally.

I have now developed bespoke coaching and wellness programs to dedicatedly support and guide employees to up their energy game, so they deliver their duties with enthusiasm as well as discover a balance between personal health and professional success, thereby, contributing to the success of the corporates.

Career success through disruptive method for women

Topics include

  1. Career success through disruptive method for women
  2. Stress management strategies for busy professionals
  3. Shifting from Surviving to Thriving in challenging workplaces