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How to write & publish your book

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For whom is this program


For professionals & coaches who need an instant book

For those who have limited budget and yet need a book

For those who seek passive income

For those who have an idea but do not know to structure it

For those who have started writing, but are de-motivated

For those who suffer from procrastination and writer’s block

For those who need editing and marketing tips

For those who do not know the publishing process

For those who are busy and cannot write but need a book

What is your takeaway from the program?
  • Learn 3-step process to get your own book
  • Finalize the title and message
  • Finalize chapters and sub-chapters
  • Finalize structure of the narrative
  • Determine flow of the book
  • Learn editing hacks
  • Prepare Author Bio & Synopsis
  • Learn tools to overcome procrastination & get in the flow
  • Learn publishing process

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FREE 1-1 session of 30 mins with your Coach within 14 days of completing the program

Authors Program

Your chance to have your own book before the New Year
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Meet your coach

Nisha Sanjeev is an Author Coach and Purpose Initiator, who helps professionals and businesses use words to create an impact.

She was a Journalist for 20 years, with rewarding stints as an Editor in the UAE and India with leading media institutions, including ‘Gulf News’, ‘Dubai Media Incorporated’ and ‘Deccan Chronicle’.

She says, while being a journalist gave her social status and financial independence, she was a doormat and people pleaser, who lacked self-worth and suffered from ailments and anxiousness. Ultimately, on the verge of depression, Nisha decided to embrace herself!

She dived deep into quantum physics and learnt from the masters, to uplift herself and create the life she always dreamt of – one that is filled with joy, peace, and love.

Nisha attained certifications in Thought Leadership; Personal Coaching; Feng Shui Consultation and Divine Healing. She is the Founder of Purpose Path.

Today she enjoys a reputation for her bold and unfiltered writing and helping professionals and coaches publish books using her unique 3-step framework.

Nisha’s formulae for impactful and result-oriented book publishing is derived from her long corporate experience coupled with her learnings of being a Divine Healing teacher.

In the last 6 years, she has helped…

18 professionals become first-time authors

written 2 biographies

edited 11 books

published 4 books of her own, including an Amazon best-seller

Her popular programs include:

Write & Publish Your Own E-book in 1 month

Be You Coaching – 3 months journey to discover one’s Calling

Meditation for Professionals

Nisha Sanjeev - Meet Your Teacher


Your chance become an author
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Date: October 29 & 30 

Time: 10am to 1 pm [UAE time]  

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