1-to-1 BE YOU coaching

Are you tired of trying to upgrade your life with no results?

Have you forgotten what’s it’s like to do things for yourself?

Having someone to confide in without being judged is a boon.

Through this program we will work together 1-to-1 with accountability to transform your life by identifying and eliminating the hidden fears that are stopping you from BEING YOU and THRIVING.

upgrade your life

How it works

There are no quick fixes for self-transformation. It is a process of 3 months, which we will go through together. My wish and hope for you is to harness your inner power and equip you with the tools so you can continue making effective changes in your life.

  • 1 zoom session per week of 45min duration
  • 6 calls of 15 minutes
  • Unlimited Whatsapp support
  • Optional healing sessions (at extra cost)
Understand the work-life balance myth

By the end of 3 months you will….

  • Identify limiting beliefs and blocks keeping you stuck and feeling helpless
  • Learn techniques to conquer your fears
  • Learn easy-to-use manifestation tools
  • Learn the art of letting go
  • Learn how to love and respect yourself without hurting others
  • Be able to say ‘No’ with ease and grace to those that don’t serve you
  • Have more energy and clarity of thought
  • Have a clear action plan to walk your path
  • Know how to work around negative thought patterns
  • Understand the work-life balance myth