Stub it! Quit smoking & embrace life NOW!

Stub it! Quit smoking & embrace life NOW!

June 1, 2019

Inspired by the UAE Government’s drive to promote happiness, a one-month campaign – ‘Break The Smoke’ – has been rolled out targeting employees in the Emirates, to help smokers stub the habit and to guide them to lead a healthier life.

Dr. Mansoor Anwar Habib, Head of Happiness & Tolerance, Du, who is also a motivational speaker and author, at the launch event.

The campaign, unlike most initiatives launched hitherto on No Tobacco Day, is not just another ceremonial initiative. The proof being it has hit the ground running already.

‘Break The Smoke’ the brainchild of MBO Advertising, and supported by The Retreat Palm Dubai, M Gallery by Sofitel, has Medeor Hospital helping corporate participants with Nicotine tests. So, those serious about reigning in their habit, can have the correct diagnosis and kickstart their journey.

Sumesh Gopal, Wellbeing Strategist at The Retreat Palm Dubai, M Gallery by Sofitel, says, “Endorsing ‘Break The Smoke’ Campaign was a natural and organic process as it embodies the holistic philosophy of The Retreat Palm Dubai, which aims to inspire and promote 360 degrees wellbeing with a holistic integrative approach of personal transformation of body, mind and soul as the first holistic wellbeing resort in the Middle East.”

And, if self-motivation is what smokers lack, then one of the main pillars of the campaign is Dave Catudal, Physique Transformation Specialist & Nutrionist. He is a cancer survivor, who has decoded the deadly word ‘stress’ and redefined the idea of nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Among his clients are Hollywood celebrities and the who’s who of the corporate world.

Dave Catudal, who has dedicated the past 17 years of his life to optimizing human performance, speaks at the launch of ‘Break The Smoke’ campaign.

Catudal will also offer capsule-sized sessions of 45 minutes each during the month. Stress is the culprit to people choosing sticks. One of the ways to destress is by playing, expending our energy, believes Catudal. “We should do everything in our capacity to get the talent out of us in our lifetime,” he says. BeX – ‘Be Extraordinary’, is Catudal’s platform to help people tap into their gifts by harnessing their Inner Power. “The way to harness the power is different for each one, for me it is fitness,” he adds.

Thus, corporate participants, who yearn to do more in life than just beat stress, can lap up Catudal’s sessions to harness their power and bring forth the latent gifts lying dormant within them, adding meaning to their existence.

Dela Catudal, a Transformational Coach and Breathwork Expert, is also part of the  ‘Break The Smoke’ campaign. She will share conscious breathing techniques with willing corporate participants and release emotional stress at a cellular level. Della boasts over a hundred international clients, who have benefitted from her art of breathing right.

Dela Catudal, a breath therapist and transformational coach, demonstrating conscious breathing techniques at the launch event.

Last but not the least, there are gifts awaiting the best participants, who show the most transformation in one month.

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Nisha Sanjeev

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  • Vrushali
    June 2, 2019

    Dear Nisha .. i am a wellness consultant and have helped many people who really want to quit smoking … kick the habit.
    I would love to be part of this campaign to help people make a change in their lives.
    Would love to hear more