Self Transformation Sessions

Self Transformation Sessions

How to Step into your Inner Power


For professionals and homemakers… for all of you who are…

  • Plagued by voices of self-doubt and/or guilt
  • Feeling like you can’t really be yourself
  • Feeling hopeless that things will ever change
  • Feeling stuck in your relationships [personal, professional, social]
  • Experiencing anxiety and fear about future for family & self
  • Seeking to convert inner stress to inner strength
  • Aware you deserve better in life but do not what it is and how to get there
  • Asking questions such as, ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What’s the Purpose of my life?’
  • Have a sense that a deeper change is called for to live a meaningful life
  • Aware all the answers are inside you and with guidance you can access them

Self-Transformation sessions will guide you to develop Self Love, Self-Awareness, and Self-Empowerment.

  • Developing Self Love enables you to embrace yourself unconditionally, thereby, creating a rippling effect of growth, evolution, and healing not only in you but also in those around you.
  • Developing Self Awareness enables you to control your mind, beliefs, and body, thereby nourishing your soul, as you will begin responding instead of reacting and live more joyfully and peacefully.
  • Developing Self-Empowerment enables you to align your outer life with your soul truth, thereby helping you step into your inner power and live with authenticity and resilience.

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How do I help you in your self-transformation journey?

I started these mini sessions of [2 hours] after noticing several women who are stressed, disconnected, and feel stuck and are looking to receiving easy-to-use tools and nuggets of wisdom to take away and use them on their own.

These talks help women deal with their emotions and practical issues in healthy ways, let go of limiting beliefs about what it means to be a ‘good’ woman, ‘good’ mom, ‘good wife’, ‘good’ professional, and transform low-vibrating emotions such as anger, jealousy, resentment and fear into self-love by trusting and tapping into their inner voice.

I’m a trained Divine Healer and have experienced profound transformation in my own life. Being a Journalist for 20 years, I had social status and financial independence, but I was a doormat and people pleaser, who lacked self-worth and suffered from ailments and anxiousness. Ultimately, on the verge of depression, I decided to embrace herself!

Diving deep into quantum physics and learning from the masters, I attained certifications in Thought Leadership; Personal Coaching; and Feng Shui Consultation.

It is my deepest honor to accompany women who are called to begin their own inner journey!

Nisha Sanjeev - Meet Your Teacher


Start your Inner Journey
For just USD 20
[Approx. AED 75]
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