Conscious Manifestation

4-week training to achieve your dreams

Manifestation is influencing your external circumstances by changing your state of consciousness to live your Soul Truth [Read: Create the life you desire]

conscious manifestation

Whom is this course for?

For professionals and entrepreneurs; For artists and homemakers; For educators and students
For healers and thought leaders…For anyone with goals and dreams.

For all those who have tried Law of Attraction tools but received only limited success. For all those who believe in science and facts.

How is Conscious Manifestation different from other manifestationmethods?

Conscious Manifestation teaches you to be the best Divine instrument to live your soul truth, by not manifesting from ego. Conscious manifestation does not subscribe to the use of will power.

What do you learn in the 4-week training?
  • The fundamental components of creation
  • How to co-create with the Universe without resistance
  • The Powerful Presence Meditation
  • Tools such as Ho’oponopono, Nikola Tesla Code 369 & Placebo Methods
  • Forgiveness & Release Exercise
  • Chakra healing to remove old patterns
  • Journal Work – Deservibility, Possibility & Self Love
  • Scribing, Affirming & Visualization
  • Goal setting and Action Steps – Defining your WHYs & Identifying CSS

Bonus #

FREE lifetime Access to monthly LIVE Transformation Coaching on ‘Practical Spirituality for Success’ FB Group.

DAILY GUIDANCE throughout the course. You will be able to ask questions on the group.


Your chance to achieve your dreams
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Meet your teacher

Nisha Sanjeev is a Practical Spirituality Coach, Energy Healer, Author and Speaker.

She was a Journalist for 20 years, with rewarding stints as an Editor in the UAE and India with leading media institutions, including ‘Gulf News’, ‘Dubai Media Incorporated’ and ‘Deccan Chronicle’.

She says, while being a journalist gave her social status and financial independence, she was a doormat and people pleaser, who lacked self-worth and suffered from ailments and anxiousness. Ultimately, on the verge of depression, Nisha decided to embrace herself!

She dived deep into quantum physics and learnt from the masters, to uplift herself and create the life she always dreamt of – one that is filled with joy, peace, and love.

Nisha attained certifications in Thought Leadership; Personal Coaching; NLP; Feng Shui Consultation and Divine Healing.

Today, she quotes extensively from her experiences to help people, especially women, overcome their fears, identify their uniqueness and transitioning them as authorities in delivering their expertise to live their purpose in this lifetime.

Her clients have received promotions at workplaces; published books and quit jobs to start their own ventures.

Nisha Sanjeev - Meet Your Teacher


Your chance to achieve your dreams
For just USD 80
[Approx. AED 300]
Next batch begins April 1. Every Saturday 5pm to 6pm UAE time.  
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