I’m Me, Myself. An author, speaker, healer, coach, mom and wife. You may call me Nisha Sanjeev.

I was born in a middle-class family in South India. I had a strict Malayali upbringing in a loving home in Secunderabad, erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. Thus my first realisation of being tongue-tied came pretty early when I gaped at my Telugu neighbour and babbled. I decided, it’s okay not to be bi-lingual!

When nuns at the convent school insisted I think in English – a language vehemently banned at home – I became a conscious learner. Speaking only when no escape. I put the rest of the time to good use. My love to study people began then. I vividly remember my Grade 3 teacher clad in an orange sari, with her left palm behind her back, crossing the cursive letter ‘F’ on the blackboard and explaining how that’s the only difference from cursive ‘T’.

Later, in high school, my dear friend insisted that I pen poems for her every week. Thus I discovered I could write. It was she who sowed in me the dream of becoming a writer, while I was preparing for a career in medicine, even as I struggled to pin a frog on the wax tray.

With a new-found aim in life, I chucked Science for Journalism in 1996. I’ve had the privilege of working with leading media organisations in Dubai and India, such as Dubai Media Incorporated, Gulf News, Deccan Chronicle and Ambition.

For the last 20 years while I relentlessly attempted changing the world by being a journalist, I realised I had lost myself in the world.

So I decided to be Me, Myself in 2011. I started blogging. In the pages of ‘Unplugged’, as I poured out my raw emotions on everything from workplace ironies, family bonds and political conundrums to mesmerising spiritual experiences, I stumbled upon my purpose in life.

My first book ‘Anamica’ – a novel in verse and a fictional autobiography, was published in 2012.

My second book ‘Step Out ‘n’ Step It Up – a guide to creating the life you desire was published last year..

I have also edited two books – ‘How the Phoenix Rose’ and ‘Inspiration’.

As I took up writing more vigorously, I felt the need to connect better with my readers and thus began training to be a speaker at Toastmasters International. Enroute, I became a certified Divine Healer and Feng Shui Consultant, too.

Today, I am living my passion of helping women discover themselves and create the life they desire. 

Are you frustrated and unhappy with where you are now? Is your life all about kids, husbands, cooking?  Do you believe you deserve a better life but are stuck with earning a livelihood? Do you think you cannot live an abundant life? Would you wanna know how to find your purpose in life, how to live life to the fullest and make that transition, click on the contact page and leave me a message. Alternatively, you wanna follow my journey, click on the Newsletter and I shall keep you updated.

God Bless!