Month: September,2012

Smart ass!

September 24, 2012
[Disclaimer 1: Any resemblance to real cats and rats, living or dead, is purely coincidental  [Disclaimer
Chetan Bhagat’s dream for us

Chetan Bhagat’s dream for us

September 18, 2012
All of us have dreams. But how many of us have dreams for our country? India’s

Wednesday lessons

September 12, 2012
This morning I was sick…as usual. Nothing physical. Because I was never and will never be

I don’t hate my friends, though

September 10, 2012
Friends are like lighthouses…a quote that appeared on my Facebook page got me thinking. I first

Working moms who are a crass apart

September 5, 2012
By merely looking at students of a particular school, can you judge that school’s performance? Well,