Month: January,2011

Moon and star romance

January 30, 2011
The obedient thing cried at the precise second. It doesn’t care if we are up after

Republic Day is on 26th – The Friday

January 26, 2011
“Tomorrow is a holiday,” announced my nine-year old as I returned home from work yesterday. “So

It’s time baby boomers moved on

January 25, 2011
Latest survey doing rounds on the net (OMG! why am I mentioning where…Old habits hanging on)

Three amazing women

January 24, 2011
Caught a few minutes of Screen Awards last night and it left me wondering how I’ll
Invisible but irresistible

Invisible but irresistible

January 22, 2011
Thought long and hard…what should my first post be? If I am to address netizens, I don’t