Month: August,2013

My Om time!

August 31, 2013
I returned home from work on a Thursday afternoon. Walked into an empty home and plonked

Those three days

August 25, 2013
It seems so long ago…when I first smelled the stench wafting towards me. That August morning,

24 hours of freedom – a friend’s Independence Day memory

August 14, 2013
On the eve of Independence Day, a dear friend shared an incident with me…                                  My

Two artist friends who’ll dress you smart

August 4, 2013
Keeping with the spirit of friendship, I have to share two faces. Look hard, close, from
My plump pumpkin of a friend

My plump pumpkin of a friend

August 3, 2013
The wedding venue at which I first met her…the yellow-saree clad feet at the far-end is